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180x180 plus simple
180 x180 Hello fresh
180 x180 Like fun
HALF MOON EYES targets women who truly values their
beauty and we provide simple steps and easy solutions
so that anyone can pursue beauty.

We are researching and developing special ingredients that
are non-existing, which will maximize in brining out the
beautiful inner self.
310x310 Plus simple
What could be quick and easy ways to revive our skin?
We are questioning and looking for ways to
develop a whole new skincare routine that is
appropriate for our insanely busy lives. We create skin
care products that are available for use whenever and
310 x 310 Hello fresh
What kind of ingredients are going to be effective for skin improvement?
We are constantly looking out for new product ingredients and
researching on developing new methods to achieve valuable
310 x310 Like fun
What would it be like to create cosmetic items of unique and fun designs?
We wish to give you the pleasure by fun designs full of happy viruses just by looking at them.