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Q1 How can I order HME products online?
If you want to buy our products online, click on any one of the Online shopping malls listed from STORES category and you will be directed to order & payment page. Unfortunately, you are unable to purchase our product straight from this website.
Q2 Where are HME stores located?
You can find out locations of our stores and those that are closest to you from the STORES category.
Q3 What is the expiration date for HME products?
New products that are unopened and unused lasts for up to 3 years and we recommend you to finish using them within the given time.
Q4 Where can I submit my inquiries and suggestions?
HME appreciates your dearly comments.
Please reach us through EMAIL.
We will review them and get back to you as soon as possible
Customer Service Center
Contact Number 070-4335-5425 | AM 09:00 ~ PM 18:00
You can also reach us at anytime through kakao yellow
because we are available for 24hrs!
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Business + Partnerships + Press : xian@xiancompany.net